Swoosh Fairy Where For Art Thou?

Didn’t get in my water today…gah. Water is very important, at least to my body and how it holds the weight and the weekends are the hardest. At work I have a 3cup bottle that sits beside me and I force myself to drink from it. I thought by buying another bottle like the one at work weekends would be easier for the intake. And it was/is - as long as it is not sitting atop the fridge…out of view.

Today was a great day. I put together a very detailed budget to follow for the next 8 months so that I can have my car paid off in December and can look at moving in Jan/Feb. I also worked on the foyer hallway - removing more popcorn off the hallway wall. It is about 75% done and tomorrow I will pick up a ladder at my Dad’s and finish the rest. The other wall is just going to be drywalled over. I’m hoping to start working on the foyer in the next couple of weeks and be done by the ed of May beginning of June.

Tomorrow the plan is to eat low-carb, drink my water and workout. Tuesday and Wednesday are the same. Thursday I have no say on food as I am going out to dinner with Family to celebrate my brother’s military graduation. Friday I am off work and will eat low carb, drink my water and if it is nice, I will go for a 6.4km walk along the Pier.

I’m hoping that my body will give up holding onto it’s weight and start moving downwards again. I’m tired of seeing 161 on the scale. I need a visit from the swoosh fairy!