A Tad Nervous

Well I took my measurements this morning, packed my bag and headed off to work. Bootcamp is at 6pm and I’m actually quite nervous. Tonight is a 5-point fitness test and a 6-point body composition test which I will be told I am fat, fat and um, yes…fat! Hopefully in four weeks’ time I can lose one of those fats.

I am freaking freezing, waited too long to put on the heater in my office but had a meeting at 11am and didn’t want to sweat the bosses out, lol.

Work is speeding by fast so far - didn’t get in until 9:30am (so working through lunch to make up the hour) and I am currently driving a 2006 or 2007 Chrysler Colbat - fully loaded except it doesn’t have power windows or doorlocks. The radio is even Sirius. It drives nice…a little too nice as I really had to pay attention to how fast I was going, lol.

Well, posting this, going to grab a cup o’ soup and then get back to working…5pm will be here before I know it as well as Survivor Bootcamp.