Gah! I should get rocking

Alan from Survivor Bootcamp called, there are not enough people for the 6pm class at Mississauga Valley and so he asked me about the 715pm one. I hesitantly said yes and told him it was a bit of an inconvenience as I lived in Hamilton and to have to wait around for about 2 hours in Mississauga to go to the bootcamp was a pain. He offered to transfer me to another park that had a 6pm class but I said no.

I’ve had time to think and took a boo at where the other 6pm classes are, there is one 15min away from where I work so I have emailed him to see if I can join that one…wish me luck!

Tomorrow morning first thing I finally get to take my car in for repairs from the auto accident I was in. They (the auto repair shop) supposedly rearranged my rental too…we shall see. I don’t even know what time either/or opens.

I am SO sleepy for bed and it is only 658pm, lol.


Going to a 6pm class on Inlake in Meadowvale - yay! I so did not want to wait around work for over an hour and a half and then go workout. I almost suggested to Alan that I be transferred to a 6am class…glad I didn’t - eek!