Sunday Ramblings

I got in about an hour ago from the ex’s place. We met up last night about midnight, he wanted to see me so I went, it is nice to feel wanted. He was super duper tired as he barely got any sleep the night prior (um…me again) and then we set the alarm for 6am for me to get up before his daughter (she’s old enough to tell mommy about me, yes they are separated but he doesn’t need the grief we know she would cause if she found out about me) and we had only maybe 2.5 hours of sleep. He was hoping to shy off of work (being that he’s the manager) after an hour or so but couldn’t - so yeah, poor guy is super duper tired.

I love his beds (he has two and we’ve slept in both), he has memory foam on them and wow…I need some memory foam. He’s going to get back to me on the price of this stuff from Costco. The sleep you get on these mattress pads is amazing and I don’t have to toss and turn because my side is sore. The only thing I do not like about his master bedroom is his lack of blinds in the top semi-circle of his windows. He’s got beautiful california shutters on the lower halves but the top half circle, nothing. Right now the sun rises pretty early so yeah, the sun gets you in the morning. I like a dark room to sleep in.

But anyways, I’m feeling good and that really is what I want from ‘this’. He makes me feel pretty, witty and wise (name that tune!) and it is nice to get out.

So anyways…today I need to go to Dad’s - yesterday I didn’t, my sinuses were acting up and so I ended up back in bed after the post. I also worked on my brother’s computer and now need to look for further discs at my Dad’s to get the video card to work. Since the computer isn’t connected to the computer I just cannot download the drivers. I also need to pick up the monitor, speakers, etc so I can deliver it to my cousins.

Work…that is here to do too, I will probably do that a bit later…but for now I should call Dad and see if he is up and about, I want to get his running around and computer fixed so I can get back here for around noon.