Late Breaking News

I’ve decided to not do low carb. I was thinking about expenses, about my weight moving and I can save money by not just eating meat/eggs, green veggies. I will be counting calories but as well keeping lean meats and green veggies in my diet. I will not go back to McD’s or fast food, but keep to the homecooked meals.

And as of right now I have NO clue if I am going to the gym…my inner selves are currently arguing away. Yes…seriously!

I Want to Hug it, and Kiss it, and…

I am not entirely sure how or why, but my scale showed me at 160.2lbs this morning. That is a 2.8lb loss from last Friday and I had a terrible eating weekend, like super bad on Monday when I was hungover.

I jumped on the scale three times to ensure it wasn’t lying and even weighed myself with my cat and then without to see different numbers on the scale, only to see it jump back to 160.2lbs. So yeah…today I love the scale, lol.

I’m hoping to go for my run/walk tonight and currently have no weekend plans (even with FWB) but work so I am hoping to get in one more run/walk over Sat/Sun. The challenge this weekend will be food, which it always is on the weekend, especially when I am bored.

I’m so close to the 150’s and very excited because that means the next set of numbers are he 140’s (yes, I can count, aren’t you proud?) and, and, and! The next 28 days starting Monday should be interesting.

As for measurements, they will be taking them Monday evening at our first session but I plan to also take them Sunday evening. I’m not sure about before and afters but who knows. And on that note, I do not know where my progress photos went off of this site? Will look for those and get those back up.

Got to pack up, heading out for lunch (going to Walmart) and then going to 755 (main office) for the remainder of the day. Toodles! Ooooooo, just got an email, someone has brought in some designer inspired jewelry at Davis to look at. Have I told you about my necklace fetish? I do wear them…but I buy more than I wear, lol.