A Real Employee

Now that I am a ‘real’ employee (earned April 15th rather than May 5th because I am that good!) I have been thinking of what Canadian pharmacy I would like to use to fill my prescriptions. There is a story behind this. In 1998/99 I worked for a large worldwide corporation (TNT anyone?) that held a meeting on our drug plan and benefits. They had recently gotten their new quote for our benefits and it had skyrocketed.

Their request to us was to fill our prescriptions at a pharmacy that did not charge an arm or a leg for prescription fills. The lower the cost incurred, the lower their premiums. That meeting stays in my mind because I think some of us forget that although our plans are ‘free’ or low cost to us, we don’t think about our employers and the cost to them.

So yeah, I’m now a ‘real’ employee…I even have my first ‘real’ two days off tomorrow and Friday (using up vacation time I am entitled too). Tomorrow I drive to Meaford with my father, brother and sister and meet up with another sister and her family to attend my brother’s military graduation. It is a three hour drive both ways…uggh. Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday, my father and I are going to start work on my foyer. Bye, bye peach!

Today wasn’t the best food day…I’m wondering if I am making the wrong choice in counting calories instead of low carb. Counting calories allows me to ‘fit’ in food I could possibly overeat. I don’t overeat anything with low carb. I will decide next week after a full week of workouts and calorie counting.


Appreciate This!

I live across, actually kiddie corner from a large hospital here in Hamilton. You cannot look outside a window or down from the baloncy without seeing a lab coat or two of four walking to and from the hospital. The hospital is quite old but recently underwent a large renovation on the inside and out and is no longer an eyesore and in fact cleans up the area in which I live, like a facelift.

I also live very close the the GO, which stands for Government of Ontario and it is Canada’s first, and Ontario’s only, interregional public transit system, linking Toronto with the surrounding regions of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It is less than a five minute walk from here. It too gave my area a facelift and with it my property value has risen.

My old insurance company thinks I live in a not so good area of my city, but if my property value has appreciated almost 20K in 2 years and 3 months, I say they are wrong. Yes, I am excited about the new found equity in my home and about the new https://www.jasminlive.mobi/ subscription, can you tell? I have not stopped thinking about it since, it is like things are falling into place for my move to Mississauga. Kinda cool how 2007 is doing that…pushing me along a slow moving current towards what I do not know. But I am enjoying the scenary along the way.

I Don’t Cook

I do not cook, well I cook, but I do not cook. I throw food in the micro, fries in the oven, pasta in a boiling pot of water…but I do not cook. I’ve always wanted to, in fact I buy recipe books all the time. Which, if you wonering have never ever been used. Wait, yes - one was. I was trying to actually make the treat I was suppose to bring to work and tried making cream cheese mints. Tried is the key word, they didn’t turn out at all and I ended up running to the grocery store in the morning prior to work and picking up a few treat trays. Most men think cooking should come naturally to us but I’d rather do the cleaning. When I visit my father, I pass by a chef school and often times think of taking a weekend course at my local college and learn a few things. I don’t expect to come out of it as a professional like those from the kitchen academy in Hollywood but maybe, just maybe it would spark my interest to open a cookbook or two and stop nukking my food.

2007 is Definitely My Year

I got some wonderful news late this afternoon. I am not sure if you are following my want to relocate closer to work but I had noted that I was going to contact the broker who helped me find my condo and see if he could do some investigating and find out what 1br condos are going for in my building. He got back to me today and notes that they are going for $85-$88K and a 2br just recently went for $112K.

I bought at $70K! I am so very excited that I am beginning work on www.chaturbaterooms.com this weekend. I also have plans to either reglaze or find an acrylic tub insert and either replace the livingroom carpet or figure out what to do about the diningroom floor area that someone halfassed did and it looks awful.

Yeah…so I may not have to wait until the end of the year to move because I could use the funds to pay it off or if I do wait I could have it paid off and use some of the extra funds against other debt and a down payment. I cannot tell you what I will do, I have a habit of jumping into things quickly. Like a rolling rock gaining momentum on the way down the hill.

First things first though…the foyer - this weekend! Well it sure won’t get done but we can start on it. Pictures of course will ensue.

As for the diet front…food is going okay, water awful and gym time is nil. I left work right at 5pm because I had to go to Dad’s and now after I post this…I need to hit the books. Assignment due tomorrow before I sleep.

Next week I PROMISE to hit the gym. I promise you and I promise me. Workouts will abound! Weightloss with ensue! Now, I must hit the books…g’night!


12:43am…just finished my Jasminelive.online tax assignment - I wanted to work on my foyer tomorrow night, not do homework :)

Hammocks Rock, Both Literally and Figuratively

In January 2003 I took a weekend vacation (4 days) to the Bahamas with my roommate. On the 3rd day of our vacation we took a tour to Rose Island, one of the many hundreds of islands that make up the Bahamas. The island was basically used for day excursions and snorkeling. The sand was the softest and whitest I have ever laid eyes on, you could lay on it and it felt like you were laying on a pile of feathers.

Throughout the island there were palm trees all over it with hammocks tied between them, besides the sand, these were the most comfortable things in the world. To be lazing about in a hammock in the middle of the atlantic ocean with no noise polution, swaying in the gentle breeze. Oh how I wish I were there right now.

Did you know though that not all hammocks are created equal? I thought if you saw one, you’d seen them all but according to Hammocks Rock this certainly ain’t so. There are hammock chairs, camping hammocks and portables. They can also be made from various materials including, hammocks made of cotton, polyester and canvas! Options, options, options!

So what to choose? Well you cannot go wrong with a Hatteras hammock or Pawleys Island, the two leading manufacturers but as always research your purchases, check out HammocksRock.com and read all there is to read about hammocks and how to choose the right one for you.

Who’s on First?

I am one tired chick. I have been keeping one too many late nights and slowly but surely it is catching up to me. I didn’t work out, because I wanted to come home and read my CGA modules and then do the assignment tomorrow and Wednesady evening, submitting it Wednesday night. But here I am lazing on the couch…my eyes really don’t want to stay open. So I think it is going to be very early night…it’s only 715pm!

I have a baseball meeting to go to on the 5th…but I note that is a Saturday and maybe I misread the email. What I do know is that our first game is on the 10th, we haven’t planned to meet to practice (no wonder we were basically in last place last year, lol) and I do not have a team shirt yet, nor a glove! Must remember to buy a glove this weekend. I’m excited but scared to death of making a fool of myself. I mean when I get the ball, who on earth do I throw it to? I was thinking maybe I should just sit in the stands and look pretty :)

By the way…what kind of pants do I wear with my shirt? Have I mentioned I have never played baseball before on a team? The last time I played was in middle school? My team is just going to love me!