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The Girl with no Feelings

Category: Romantic drama
Screenplay and direction: Michael Park, Jennifer Sea

The Girl with no Feelings tells the story of a young girl – Maya – whose husband is killed in a local confrontation with some burglars.

While it feels like it is the end of the world for her, Maya learns to live with the burden until one day, when a stranger knocks on the door to ask for help. She learns that life goes on and she slowly rediscovers the joy of love and passion.

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One Thing at a Time

Category: Romantic Comedy
Direction and script: Christopher Arnold

Jessie realizes that her regular 9-5 job is less likely to help her repay her college loan, especially if she also wants to advance and get a house.

It turns out her only option is to hit the jackpot by smuggling drugs from Mexico – once, maybe twice. She brings in a couple of friends and the adventure begins. Everything is smooth until a cop catches them. Will she choose love over money?

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Legends of Coffee Nights

Category: Romantic Fantasy
Direction and script: Amira Ray, Roger Hampton

Angelica lives in a world of fantasy surrounded by positivity and happiness. She runs her family's coffee shop and aims to find a husband.

Things change when a stranger comes in the village and claims to be from the future. His story is quite bewildering, as he claims he and Angelica have a romantic relationship in the future. He is back into the past in the attempt to save it from collapsing.

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