Kristy's American Idol Recap: Boys Hollywood Week

Feb 8 | Posted by: Kristy

From everyone I saw last night the only ones I really liked were:

  • Gabe Brown- the rocker big guy with curly hair
  • Manataeous - I think he has a big voice and can go in the lower register too.
  • Choir teacher- I can't remember his name, but he was good.

I still have my favorites that I heard but I will know more when I get a better chance to hear them better not in the group measures.

I sure remember Hollywood week, they try to break you to see how much you can take with no sleep, new songs, groups etc.. STRESSFUL it was!!! They gotta be hatin it but once they get through this they will start getting a few more hours of sleep :)

The guys who did the accapella group number were awesome, Keith didn't like it!  I think it was good, and if they can do accapella well, then it was worth it. There wasn't as much talent as I hoped there would be I think so far there were only a few that actually did something...

Who were your favorite contestants? Any of your early faves already get sent home? Leave your recap in the comments!
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